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Looking after yourself

Ways to maintain and improve your wellbeing
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Everyone reacts differently to events, and changes in the way that we think, feel and behave vary between different people and over time. It’s important that you take care of your mind as well as your body and to get further support if you need it.

Mental health is something we all have. When we enjoy good mental health, we have a sense of purpose and direction, the energy to do the things we want to do, and the ability to deal with the challenges that happen in our lives.

When we think about our physical health, there's a place for keeping ourselves fit, and a place for getting appropriate help as early as possible so we can get better. Mental health is just the same.

If you enjoy good mental health, you can:
  • make the most of your potential
  • cope with what life throws at you
  • play a full part in your relationships, your workplace, and your community.

What is wellbeing?

It is important to realise that wellbeing is a much broader concept than moment-to-moment happiness. While it does include happiness, it also includes other things, such as how satisfied people are with their life as a whole, their sense of purpose, and how in control they feel.


Wellbeing is important for everyone – including you.

Ways to improve your wellbeing
Create a Wellbeing Plan
Find the right support service for your needs

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