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Losing a loved one at any time can be extremely distressing and experiencing the death of someone special to you by suicide is likely to be even more traumatic.
When you first learn that someone has died by suicide, you could be experiencing a range of emotions, such as:
  • shock – suicide is often unexpected and it may feel very difficult to believe what has happened.
  • anger – angry with the person who has died, angry with yourself because you didn’t act differently or prevent it, angry with others, feeling that someone else is to blame.
  • guilt – believing that you could or should have done something to prevent the person’s death. You may spend a lot of time thinking, ‘if only’.
These feelings can be overwhelming but you don’t have to struggle alone.
For many people, friends and family will be their main support, particularly in the immediate period after someone has died. 
However, there are many organisations who can also support you. These services can offer a safe space to talk about your emotions and help you to remember the person you have lost, either on a one to one basis or in groups. There are also services that can also help you through processes such as a coroner’s inquest.
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